Video updates, Atlas production lathe, and Lyman casting pot

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We have been busy getting our u-tube videos loaded and organized to our site here, please take a few minutes to browse the site and give us your input as to how we can improve it for you.

I had opportunity today to spend some time assembling the Atlas 10″ production lathe.

The tailstock is back together, but I will wait until the final assembly of the lathe to do the final fitting as it will have to be aligned with the headstock.

I am very pleased with the progress so far. It will be a fun addition to the shop when it is completed. I think the next thing to be done is for me to build a stand for this lathe. As it is it is moveable, but once the rest of the components are assembled it will be to heavy to easily move, plus it is taking up space on my small welding table which I need for other projects. The first videos have been completed and uploaded to both u-tube and the webpage and I have more to be edited.

The other project that is nearly complete is the rebuild of the Lyman Moldmaster bullet casting pot. This is a 20# casting pot that I have had for several years and quit working. I pulled it out of the archives and discovered that the reostat had burned out. I have rebuilt it and added a PID temperature controller and it is now a functional casting pot.

I still have a couple of houskeeping items to do on this project, I will build a small heat shield between the pot and the electronics, and I will tidy up the wiring and then this project will be complete except to load the final videos of the rebuild. I ran the pot today and it comes to casting temperature quickly and maintains temps as it should.